UTV Ride Gerdie Creek To Thomas Falls Down Whiskey Mountain In Idaho 6-18-2017

We went on a little adventure in the Owyhees. Gerdie Creek old Jeep road was as bad as anything I have been on. My RZR Even got tired and leaned against a tree. Great day! Thank to Jerry & Tony Summerall for coming along. This is what Jerry has to say about the Gerdie Road. ” There wasn’t any sign of a trial in spots, it was challenging but would do it again in a heart beat especially if it worked out on a return ride. It will leave scratches on your UTV and helps to be set up with good ground clearance and no fear.” Make sure you watch the video. Thanks Jerry.

The reason he says “Oh Crap” in video is because the RZR in front of him running over a BIG Rock. Look ahead at the RZR.

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