UTV Ride Placerville Idaho to Crouch Back To Horseshoe Bend 2017-5-20

  • We went to Placerville Idaho and on to Crouch for lunch and back to Horseshoe Bend. Thanks to George & Carla and the City of Placerville for opening the museum for us. Everyone really enjoyed the museum. We went over Alder Creek on the way to Crouch and came back over Grimes Pass. We took a little side trip along the east side Grimes Creek on the way back. We came upon an accident that had all the emergency services out but when we got right up to the accident, it was just for practice! Had a great day! (If you click the images below a slideshow will start. If you want to stop the slideshow to download images or scroll through the images, click the bar (|) in the upper left corner of the slide show.)

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