Utah UTV Laws For Street Legal Operation 5-20-2017

This is what I can find about Utah Laws to make your UTV Street Legal in Utah. Check for updated laws to make sure this is current. 5-20-2017

332          Section 2. Section 41-6a-1509 is amended to read:
333           41-6a-1509. Street-legal all-terrain vehicle — Operation on highways —
334      Registration and licensing requirements — Equipment requirements.
335          (1) (a) Except as provided in Subsection (1)(b), an all-terrain type I or utility type
336      vehicle that meets the requirements of this section may be operated as a street-legal ATV on a
337      street or highway unless the highway is an interstate freeway or a limited access highway as
338      defined in Section 41-6a-102 .
339          (b) Unless a street or highway is designated as open for street-legal ATV use by the
340      controlling highway authority in accordance with Section 41-22-10.5 , a person may not operate
341      a street-legal ATV on a street or highway in accordance with Subsection (1)(a) if the highway
342      is under the jurisdiction of:
343          (i) a county of the first class; or
344          (ii) a municipality that is within a county of the first class[; or].
345          [(iii) a municipality with a population of 7,500 or more people.]
346          (2) A street-legal ATV shall comply with the same requirements as:
347          (a) a motorcycle for:
348          (i) traffic rules under Title 41, Chapter 6a, Traffic Code;
349          (ii) registration, titling, odometer statement, vehicle identification, license plates, and
350      registration fees under Title 41, Chapter 1a, Motor Vehicle Act;
351          (iii) fees in lieu of property taxes or in lieu fees under Section 59-2-405.2 ; and
352          (iv) the county motor vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance programs under
353      Section 41-6a-1642 ;
354          (b) a motor vehicle for:
355          (i) driver licensing under Title 53, Chapter 3, Uniform Driver License Act;
356          (ii) motor vehicle insurance under Title 41, Chapter 12a, Financial Responsibility of
357      Motor Vehicle Owners and Operators Act; and
358          (iii) safety inspection requirements under Title 53, Chapter 8, Part 2, Motor Vehicle
359      Safety Inspection Act, except that a street-legal ATV shall be subject to a safety inspection
360      when registered for the first time; and
361          (c) an all-terrain type I or type II vehicle for off-highway vehicle provisions under Title
362      41, Chapter 22, Off-Highway Vehicles, and Title 41, Chapter 3, Motor Vehicle Business
363      Regulation Act, unless otherwise specified in this section.
364          (3) A street-legal ATV shall be equipped with:
365          (a) one or more headlamps that meet the requirements of Section 41-6a-1603 ;
366          (b) one or more tail lamps;
367          (c) a tail lamp or other lamp constructed and placed to illuminate the registration plate
368      with a white light;
369          (d) one or more red reflectors on the rear;
370          (e) one or more stop lamps on the rear;
371          (f) amber or red electric turn signals, one on each side of the front and rear;
372          (g) a braking system, other than a parking brake, that meets the requirements of Section
373      41-6a-1623 ;
374          (h) a horn or other warning device that meets the requirements of Section 41-6a-1625 ;
375          (i) a muffler and emission control system that meets the requirements of Section
376      41-6a-1626 ;
377          (j) rearview mirrors on the right and left side of the driver in accordance with Section
378      41-6a-1627 ;
379          (k) a windshield, unless the operator wears eye protection while operating the vehicle;
380          (l) a speedometer, illuminated for nighttime operation;
381          (m) for vehicles designed by the manufacturer for carrying one or more passengers, a
382      seat designed for passengers, including a footrest and handhold for each passenger;
383          (n) for vehicles with side-by-side seating, seatbelts for each vehicle occupant; and
384          (o) tires that:
385          (i) do not exceed [26] 29 inches in height;
386          (ii) are not larger than the tires that the all-terrain vehicle manufacturer made available
387      for the all-terrain vehicle model; and
388          (iii) have at least 2/32 inches or greater tire tread.
389          (4) (a) Subject to the requirement in Subsection (4)(b), an operator of a street-legal
390      all-terrain vehicle, when operating a street-legal all-terrain vehicle on a highway in accordance
391      with this section, may not exceed the lesser of:
392          (i) the posted speed limit; or
393          (ii) 45 miles per hour.
394          (b) An operator of a street-legal all-terrain vehicle, when operating a street-legal
395      all-terrain vehicle on a highway with a posted speed limit higher than 45 miles per hour, shall:
396          (i) operate the street-legal all-terrain vehicle on the extreme right hand side of the
397      roadway; and
398          (ii) shall equip the street-legal all-terrain vehicle with a reflector or reflective tape.
399          (5) (a) A nonresident operator of an off-highway vehicle that is authorized to be
400      operated on the highways of another state has the same rights and privileges as a street-legal
401      ATV that is granted operating privileges on the highways of this state, subject to the
402      restrictions under this section and rules made by the Board of Parks and Recreation, if the other
403      state offers reciprocal operating privileges to Utah residents.
404          (b) In accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, the
405      Board of Parks and Recreation shall establish eligibility requirements for reciprocal operating
406      privileges for nonresident users granted under Subsection (5)(a).
407          (6) Nothing in this chapter shall restrict the operation of an off-highway vehicle in
408      accordance with Section 41-22-10.5 .